About us

When our customers say that we’re outstanding in our field, they aren’t talking about the potato patch! With over 10 years of hands on experience, Heritage Produce Inc. has the privilege of being one of a limited number of officially licensed Prince Edward Island (PEI) Potato Dealers and Exporters. Only Licensed Dealers have the authority to market PEI Potatoes.

As a world wide exporter of PEI seed potatoes, potatoes and other fine produce, Heritage, has the experience and skill required to provide exceptional service and products to both our domestic and international customers. Since its inception Heritage remains 100% Canadian owned and operated, providing the finest quality produce and unprecedented service at a fair market price.

What we do

The latest in growing, storing and shipping techniques, combined with long cold winters provide Heritage Produce the ability to deliver an excellent year-round supply of premium quality potatoes, carrots, onions and cabbage. We also offer beets, radishes, cukes, pumpkins and Christmas Trees in season.

We provide a complete solution from time of order straight through to delivery. Whether around the corner, or around the globe, Heritage Produce has the ability to ship almost anywhere in the world.

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